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1. How many people can you seat at the various sizes/styles of tables comfortably?

  • 6' Rectangle table - 6 (3 on each side)

  • 8' Rectangle table - 8 (4 on each side)

  • 60" Square - 8

  • 48" Round - 6

  • 60" Round - 8

  • 72" Round - 10

2. What size linen do I need for a specific table?

  • 30" Round - 90" round goes to the floor

  • 36" Round - 90" round falls 3 inches from the floor

  • 48" Round - 90" round falls 9 inches from the floor, 108" falls 6" from the floor 120" goes to the floor

  • 60" Round - 90" round falls 15" from the floor, 108" falls 6" from the floor, 120" goes to the floor

  • 72" Round - 90" round falls 21" from the floor, 108" falls 12" from the floor, 120" falls 6" from the floor, 132" goes to the floor

  • 6' Table 60" x 120" falls 15" from the floor on the sides and 6" from the floor on the ends, 90" x 132" goes to the floor

  • 8' Table 60" x 120" falls 15" from the floor on the sides and 12" from the floor on the ends 90" x 156" goes to the floor

  • Yes

3. Are your prices on your website?

  • Frame tents are constructed using metal framework for the top and sides. They are great because they can be used on grass or asphalt with no center poles in the tent. This style is also perfect for areas that are unlevel because the legs supporting the frame can be adjusted to different heights. The floor plan can accommodate several designs. The frame tents require staking to hold them in place, but in some instances they can be held down using weights. The pole tents are supported by the center poles and by tension achieved through staking it to the ground. Although there are center poles, you don't have the frame work and as a result it is completely white underneath with a sleek swoop appearance. This style of tent must be stacked and cannot be weighted.

4. What's the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?

  • Call as soon as you know the date of your event and how many guests will be included. It is important to reserve your items sooner than later due to availability, especally during our busy months of May through September. We require a 50% deposit along with a signed contract and terms and conditions to firm your order.

5.What do I need to do to reserve items?

  • Discount - non profit organizations recieve a 10% discount with a tax exempt form

6. Do you offer any discounts?

  • Yes, because of fuel charges, we calculate the distance to your residence or facility for each distance traveled.

7. Do you charge for delivery?

  • Minor changes such as adding or subtracting a table or several chairs is generally not a problem depending on inventory. All major changes such as changing the size of your tent prior to your event is generally unacceptable due to overbooking issues and further changes will need to be discussed immediately. Cancellations are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

8. What happens if I cancel my order?

  • We ask that china, glassware and flatware be rinsed of all food and liquids. Completely dry the products and kindly return the products to the crates and racks in which they were delivered (see special packaging instructions). Linens should be shaken free of debris and places dry in the bag provided.

9. Do I have to wash the products I rented?

  • Yes, you may pick up your order one day in advance of your event and return the equiptment the following business day.

10. Can I pick up my order?

  • We are typically in the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, York, Lancaster and Gettysburg areas on a daily basis. Please call for specific delivery charges to your location because we are not limited to the areas mentioned above

11. What areas do you serve?